Event Details

In times of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, it is highly crucial for F & B businesses to ensure that they maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness to safeguard public health and instill confidence in their customers.

It is also important for F & B businesses including home-based F & B businesses to understand how and when food becomes unsafe to consume and what preventive measures to keep food safe. Having a Food and Hygiene Certificate will go a long way towards expanding one's business by ensuring customer confidence.

Participants will be trained to:

- Follow food and beverage safety and hygiene policies and procedures

- Practice good personal hygiene and use safe ingredients

- Handle and store food safely

The Food Hygiene Basic course (in English) is a mandatory course for all food handlers to ensure that they observe good food hygiene practises and are kept up-to-date on NEA's policies and the best practises in handling food.

Course fee: $160.50 incl. gst (before subsidy)